Meet the Team

Meet the team:

Amber (32) & Debbie (37) are both certified yoga teachers, teaching in Amsterdam. Liladhar (37) was for over 10 years a Monk and now husband of Debbie and giving daily holstik massages in Amsterdam. With this retreat they combine their energies, providing Yang & Yin classes that are suitable for all levels. Liladhar can be booked daily (65,-) for a deep healing massage.

Their aim with this retreat is for you to unwind and relax in a lush green environment, to reconnect with your body and enjoy the gift of deep relaxation – far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life they found a Brand New Yoga Spot. As a result of this retreat you will find peace and stillness, a calm, clear mind and a vital body. You can bring these teaching home with you as a baken of trust to rely on.

Amber is founder of Alma Yoga. With Alma, meaning soul in Spanish, she aspires to help people reconnect to their inner world and encourage them to express their uniqueness – on and off the yoga mat.

Being a dynamic woman that loves to dance and move – yoga helped her to also find stillness and feel more grounded. Years ago she immersed herself in a Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. In a small town on the Caribbean coast she founded Alma Yoga and started teaching daily to both locals and tourists. Since then she can’t imagine a more beautiful yoga practice than in the midst of nature.

Her teachings are fresh, flowing, creative and can be challenging. She focuses on correct alignment in poses – so that your practice remains safe and is more beneficial. In 2017 she finished the advanced study of Yoga therapy, which enables her to use yoga as a tool for people who suffer from stress, trauma, depression and psychosis. This knowledge is interwoven in her classes

Debbie, founder of OHMat Dutch Design Yoga Mats, a 200RYT yoga teacher & Thai Yoga Massage therapist, has studied yoga for more then 10 years in different parts of the world and has been a teaching now in different parts of the world since 2014. In 2014 she stepped out of her comfort zone and lived in Bali-Ubud. There she was studying and teaching Yoga in the temple of a Jero Hindu Priestess. She found the idea to make spiritual design on organic yoga mats. With this she aims to infuse our sacred practice of yoga, into our daily living. Through renunciation for having better health, she found her spiritual path that lead her home. A peaceful place that she found untouched in her heart. In her teaching she gives inspiration to go deeper. Not only in the poses, but also to reach within. Her classes are a variation and always guided by her intuitive heart. She will be teaching all classes, and hold the space for you to safely grow your soul-desires.

Liladhar Das has been serving as a brahmachari monk for the last 10 years in Russia, India and other parts of Sout East Asia. He has been living as a monk in full renunciation, where he learned the deeper meaning of our purpose in this life. His humble nature will make it easy for you to connect with him. He listenens with great compassion and patience, to answer all your spiritual questions throughout the week. There is a special massage room on side where you dream away into stillness. This is where he will give holistic deep healing massages upon your requestYou can read reviews about him on