Bali Love Reports

loveoutloud-83We are Souls searching for Love & Happiness. We get distracted on our path to find light within. The wheels of light turn infinite and these wheels are present in our subtle body. We call them chakras. We have 7 main chakras, wheels of light, within our body. We have 3 bodies, the gross body (material body), the subtle body (mind, Consciousness, energy body) & Causal body (Spirit, Soul,). We use Yoga asana to realize the Causal body, the Soul, through the gross and subtle body. We re-unite with the paramatma, the super soul. The grand creator and seed of life, the reason why we have existence. The one Truth we call Universal Love, a principal with many different good and cruel faces, that occur as obstacle on our path to Happines. We pray for instance to demigod Ganesha to help us remove the obstacles on our Spiritual quest. And then there is Sita & Ram that present us the mystical principles of Love. All we will explore in our week together.

We welcome you to the journey we named Love out Loud. To supply you with ingredients to have the experience of these body and maybe you will feel this Love from within calling you to ge deeper even after the retreat. To love spiritual means to change habbits and conditioned patterns that are conscious or unconscious in your life. We will talk about these and give you time to explore them for yourself through meditation and personal writing. We will give you things to comtemplate about. To explore your personal self-realization on how you want to live your life from Love and bring this compassionate humble state into your daily life, to yourself and to others.

Bhakti Yoga is the highest step on the yoga ladder. Its Devotional Service to God. For us it started on the yogamat but now goes beyond when we step off the mat. You will have a life with Devotion to serve others with a greater meaning by realizing your Self first. This is best be done by action – doing –karma. By action as serving, association with spiritual people and meditation you can realize the deeper meaning.

Be still, Be present and Realize you message and purpose.


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