In this life we all search for the same answers.
Who are we?
What are we doing here?
Where do we come from?
What happens after we die?

We all walk a path and to us is given a beautiful vehicle in borrow, to experience this mystical journey called life.

There are different religions, philosophies and theories we choose to believe in, to help us answer these questions.
But what if the truth and the answers are found in a place deep within you and it is not a question of “believing”, but a question of finding truth and “Knowing”?

That finding of truth is an awakening and it is experienced once we wake up from our sleep of denial and become aware of the truth of our connection to the source and to all life. This is where a spiritual practice begins.

To be spiritual, is to feel the connection of oneself to others in a positive, life affirming, mutually beneficial way.
To be spiritual, is to be activated by spirit, rather than a skin-encapsulated ego.

The biggest obstacle to our spiritual evolution as a species at this time is our perception and treatment of animals and the natural world.

Allow yourself to go back to the source, which is unconditional love.
Allow yourself to search for that truth within you, far away from the noise, somewhere in the rice fields. Thats where we aim to start a roadmap for self realization..

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